Our new range of Belgian linens from Westbury Textiles is in stores now. We chat with Westbury CEO Jon Stafford about this unique and desirable material.

Who is Westbury Textiles?

Westbury Textiles has been supplying beautiful designer textiles to the trade since 1986. Our textiles are woven and printed in the finest mills in the world, many in our exclusive designs. These high quality fabrics reflect an attention to craftsmanship and express the enduring beauty of natural materials.

What sets your linen apart to other material?

Westbury Textiles is well known for our high quality, eco-friendly Belgian Linen upholstery fabrics. Belgian flax is a natural fibre and a renewable & sustainable resource. High-quality flax is grown in regions of Belgium, northern France and southern Netherlands.

Belgian Linen is a green product by definition. It is environmentally friendly and Flax is a rotation crop. Growing it requires only a fifth of the pesticide and fertilizer input of cotton crops. Flax plants only require half the water needed by cotton plants to reach maturity. 


These high quality materials reflect an attention to craftsmanship and express the enduring beauty of natural materials

What is a unique property of the linen?

Our linen is also biodegradable and totally recyclable. Flax purifies the soil and leaves it clean for the next crop. It also removes heavy metals from the land.

The limited use of water and eco-toxicity is an important advantage of linen. The balance of flax from cradle to grave is positive.

Tell us a little about the sustainability of the line you source.

Belgian Linen is ethical. Producers comply with the rules of the International Labour Organisation, governing wages, working conditions and the employment of minors.

There are strict rules to protect the health of the environment. Growing and scrutching flax are skilled, labour-intensive activities, which contribute to preserving the social fabric of rural areas. This civic pledge is also reinforced by the fact that many flax & linen producers are family businesses in which the quest for perfection and love of the fibre are handed down from one generation to the next.


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