Crafted x UNRUSHED Experiences

What are Unrushed Experiences?

Crafted Furniture is about providing thoughtfully curated experiences for our clients to enjoy. We're all about providing an amazing experience, whether it's designing a custom piece with our team, or hosting a night of gourmet food, entertainment and conversation. 

We partner with like-minded groups and individuals that have a passion for their craft, like we do, and who believe that experience is everything - irrespective of the industry.

Recently we have partnered with UNRUSHED Experiences, and their founder Ram Castillo, to provide an experience based on a simple philosophy:  'moving fast is not the same as actually going somewhere'.

Intrigued? Read on, or watch the video below. 

What is the UNRUSHED movement trying to achieve?

Ram: I’d like the Unrushed movement to facilitate the time and space to interrupt mainstream society's patterns of busy. I’d like people to feel safe, to feel a sense of connection and to feel alive when engaging with Unrushed. Having an Unrushed Experience is a circuit breaker in the lives of all those that attend. A reset button. A place to replenish and revitalise.

When we say it’s a ‘degustation of the senses’, we mean it. It’s degustation dining, paired with world class live music and performers, complemented with special guest storytellers. Leaving people nourished physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

We’re creating a space for stillness. A moment in time where the heart, mind and body can rest and breathe. 

A degustation for all five senses


Firstly, stillness is available and should be accessible for everyone so we believe that all are welcome. In terms of who we feel would most resonate with our events, we’ve had great interest from a range of people that feel overworked – especially high performers and professionals. However, we understand that busy lifestyles come in many forms and in different life stages, regardless of career title.

Plus, you may not be looking to undo the damage of busy at all. Perhaps you're more excited by the concept of a degustation of the senses evening. This is for you too.

Whatever your motivations are for an Unrushed Experience, the doors are open for you to book your spot. It’s a few times a year, currently operating in the Sydney CBD, with plans to expand in Melbourne and Brisbane. The dream would be to have Unrushed Experiences in the busiest cities in the world, such as New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. 

Guest speakers, live music and surprising events make Unrushed experiences a delight to attend


When was the last time we truly felt Unrushed? When was the last time we weren’t thinking about what happened yesterday, or our to-do list for tomorrow, and simply be fully present? Chances are likely that it’s been quite a while.

If you’re like me, it’s getting harder and harder to unwind, untangle and disconnect to reconnect. Stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and burnout are increasing epidemics in our culture, which I’ve personally had many bouts with — all to the demise and compromise of my own mental and physical health, and those I care about.

I’ve struggled with chronic and severe health issues, all linked to operating at a high frequency without stopping to recalibrate and repair.

It doesn’t help that we live in a world where ‘busy’ is often praised and if we’re not operating full throttle, we can be seen as a weak, ‘slacking off’ or underperforming — especially in the professional landscape.

I was motivated to create Unrushed Experiences to help overworked professionals undo the damage of busy.

I believe it’s important because the world is drowning in speed and starving for stillness. And we need more people, places and things to advocate stillness and self care – because it is power, it is strength and it is longevity; for ourselves, our communities and our industries. 


Stay tuned to this space for an upcoming Crafted x Unrushed Experiences collaboration. 

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